Nevada’s Largest Hemp Grower

It started as a seed. One small seed from Bulgaria. One high-quality hemp seed that became a plant, which — in the spring of 2018 — fostered more plants, which in turn became fields of green that have prospered in the soils and sun of Nevada. It’s a brief history with a bright future. Today, Western States Hemp is Nevada’s leading grower of hemp. The 100-acre operation in 2018 has expanded far beyond that in just a few years. More importantly, Western States Hemp is dedicated to nurturing the industry as well as its own land. Former ranchers and farmers are turning to the experienced team (and its on staff agronomist) to prepare for the expectations, opportunities and challenges of converting to industrial hemp farming.

Nevadas Largest Hemp Grower
farmer holding seedlings before planting

Seeds of Success

Farming is a network. You learn pretty quickly which practices work well and which ones go south. As a leader in the hemp industry, Western States has come to the field, to the table and to the rescue of many fellow farmers who have made the leap into the hemp business. Here are a few of those stories:

“Their families have been farming in Nevada for four generations and by far have successfully cultivated more acres of hemp in Nevada than any other group. They work very closely with the Dept of Ag, University of Nevada Reno and are committed to improving the plant and growing the entire hemp industry.“

“We are not their biggest client and that is never an issue. Big or small they take care of us and get it done. Thanks Adrienne, Joe and your entire crew for your integrity and commitment. You make our dreams come true.“