When we began Western States Hemp 2 years ago, the only thing I was sure of is that when it came to hemp, we didn’t even know what we didn’t even know.  Since that day, we’ve learned a vast amount about the former nefariously categorized plant, from how to farm it, harvest it, process it, and ultimately create innovative products with it.  With the legalization of hemp production through the 2014 farm bill, states like Nevada have created agricultural pilot programs to allow hemp production while gathering data on a myriad of cannabis-related research topics that will ultimately set standards for industrial hemp production across the nation.

Nevada, however, has set the bar for the industry in the western US by combining a clear and easy to follow set of guidelines that make getting into the game a possibility for anyone, not just those with deep pockets and friends in high places. Throughout the 2018 season, our team has had the opportunity to meet a large number of Nevada’s hemp farmers, many of whom have relocated from other states.  Nevada’s sunny, dry climate, coupled with the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s positive and team-oriented approach to working with (not against) farmers, has created an industry in Nevada that is not only thriving, but setting the bar high for other states to model after.

With the CBD market thriving, and new innovations like hemp plastic being incorporated into manufacturing markets, rest assured Nevada and hemp are only beginning to scratch the surface of what this industry is sure to become, and Western States Hemp is proud to be leading that pack.