As a former bodyworker, I know that the products a massage therapist chooses to use are as unique as they are. I’ve had many questions over the past year from therapists wondering about hemp and CBD and making a number of requests in terms of adding CBD to different oil blends.

I’ve considered price points, efficacy levels, allergenic issues associated with various oils, and viscosity requirements. The question still remained, “How do I create a product to cost-effectively meet the needs of many without sacrificing the benefits of cannabinoids?” I believe the ultimate answer is for the therapist to add either CBD isolate or distillate to the oil blends they have a preference for and are used to using. This allows the therapist to control a number of factors.

First, the amount of CBD offered to a client can be controlled. Western States Hemp sells isolate in both small and large amounts at extremely cost-effective rates when compared to leading oil brands with CBD already added.

This means one can give their clients a more significant amount of CBD without either practitioner or client incurring extremely high costs. Being that CBD is naturally oil-soluble, it will dissolve easily into any oil blend.

Another advantage of adding isolate or distillate to your own oil is that you can continue working with your favorite brand and oil types, and/or avoid possible oil allergens. There are limited massage therapy oils on the market containing CBD, and finding that blend that you wish to use, coupled with the exact amount of CBD you wish to offer can be daunting.

By choosing Western States Hemp 99.9% pure CBD isolates, you can offer the highest quality massage session without incurring unnecessary costs.

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-Adrienne Snow