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Our passion for planning well and working hard is a commitment you’ll see in our product. And feel in our handshake.

The Western Way

Around here, hands aren’t particularly pretty. Typically, they’re leathered, cracked and hard to the touch, put through the paces of working soil under a sun that never seems to sleep. Such is ranch life. There is, however, a beautiful side to these hands: they nurture. The application of muscle and machine, combined with over a hundred seasons of experience and a steadfast focus on new horizons, have turned once-wild stretches of sand, salt and brush into fields of green crops and golden opportunities.

The ways of the Frey and Snow families are the ways of the west. For a century, crops, feed and livestock were the way. Today, it entails growing the highest-level CBD isolate products from hemp. The crops have changed but the care hasn’t waned. Our passion for planning well and working hard is a commitment you’ll see in our product. And feel in our handshake.



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Cannabis Cowboys

Despite all the stereotypes one might conjure up regarding this place and her people, few have the ability to envision cowboys and cannabis in the same picture. With the passing of the 2014 farm bill, that very picture began taking shape on the canvas of the Silver State.

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Nevada Sets Standard for the West

With the CBD market thriving, and new innovations like hemp plastic being incorporated into manufacturing markets, rest assured Nevada and hemp are only beginning to scratch the surface.

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Our company specializes in providing bulk quantities of trimmed flower, biomass, crude, and isolate to distributors and product manufacturers.

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It started as a seed. One small seed from Bulgaria. One high-quality hemp seed that became a plant, which — in the spring of 2018 — fostered more plants, which in turn became fields of green that have prospered in the soils and sun of Nevada. It’s a brief history with a bright future. Today, Western States Hemp is Nevada’s leading grower of hemp. The 100-acre operation in 2018 has expanded far beyond this in just a few years. More importantly, Western States Hemp is dedicated to nurturing the industry as well as its own land. Former ranchers and farmers are turning to the experienced team (and its on staff agronomist) to prepare for the expectations, opportunities and challenges of converting to hemp.

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